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Leon’s first international assignment came with the start of his acting career when he was offered to play a role in a Swiss chocolate commercial, then Black Book by Paul Verhoeven, followed by a rare success story on the Dutch talk show called ‘Jensen’, which caused nationwide commotion and a radio interview, broadcast by Holland’s most popular radio DJ Giel Beelen about this extraordinary event.

In the meanwhile, being noticed on Youtube, Leon was asked by Richard Ryan, a Los Angeles based film maker, to come over and spent more than 3 months in California to shoot the feature film “Art of Deception” where Leon played the role of the CIA Deputy Director that created a killer-virus to start a pandemic to aim for world domination, with an all exclusive Red Carpet Premiere at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City and on 08/23/2018 the Theatrical Screening at the Landmark Regent Theater in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Once back in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Leon was asked by film director Didier Konings to play a role in the short film “The Space Between Us” that caused a controversial buzz on the internet 2 years later, due to the bizarre similarities in the production of “The Shape of Water” by director Guillermo del Toro.

After this production, Leon auditioned successfully with director Martin Koolhoven for a role next to Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce and Paul Anderson in the Internationally acclaimed masterpiece “Brimstone”, which smashed all records by winning 6 Golden Calf Awards. (the Dutch version of the Oscars)

Recently, Leon starred in the successful future-noir short film “Uncario”, with only one spoken word, directed by Didier Konings, that has won numerous awards at various film festivals all over the world.

“Leon stayed true to his self believe and with the power of dedication and persistence, he constantly continues to develop and expand his acting craft”

Leon van Waas started his acting career as an extra in 2004 and is self taught.